Advanced Academics Program

Advanced Academics at Fort Belvoir ES

Elementary School Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) at Fort Belvoir Elementary

Fairfax County Public Schools offers a continuum of advanced academic services at the elementary level. Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) provide challenging learning experiences for all students that build on individual strengths and optimize abilities.  

Fairfax County Public Schools Advanced Academic Programs offer several types of challenging learning experiences to meet the needs of a broad range of advanced learners. At Fort Belvoir, Advanced Academic services are implemented using a school-based model the following ways:

Critical and Creative Thinking Strategies:


2. Fluency  

3. Visualization

4. Mind Mapping

5. Point of View

6. Analogy

7. Encapsulation

8. Decisions & Outcomes

9. Plus, Minus, Interesting

Advanced Academic Curriculum Exposure:

1. Socratic Seminar

2. Caesar’s English

3. Document Based Questions

4. Great Debate

5. Jacob’s Ladder

6. William & Mary

7. Jason Science 

8. M2/M3 Mentoring Mathematical Minds

Subject Specific Advanced Differentiation:

Differentiated classroom extension lessons to develop talent in areas of academic strength, interest and readiness. 

Part Time AAP Services:

Part-time language arts and mathematics services that typically occur once a week in with the Advanced Academic Resource Teacher (AART) to include either pushing into the classroom or pulling out to the small group setting.  

Young Scholars Program:

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) created the Young Scholars Model in 2001 to increase representation of historically underrepresented groups in K-12 Advanced Academic Programs. Implementation may include use of AAP curriculum, career exploration through project-based learning, summer camp, and more.

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