Technology Resources

Technology Tips for Parents

We want to help make sure each student has a successful virtual learning experience.  Explore the technology topics and resources below. 


Learn more about G Suite for Education student accounts.  Visit the FCPS G Suite for Education page.

Digital Citizenship

It is vital that every student understands the importance of being a responsible digital citizen.  Visit the FCPS Digital Citizenship: Families page to learn more about supporting your child with digital citizenship.

Visit FCPS Digital Citizenship: Establishing Expectations at Home page to learn more about helping your child stay safe while using technology.

For additional resources, videos and tip sheets, visit FCPS Digital Citizenship: Videos and Tip Sheets.

Healthy and Balanced Use of Technology

As we monitor our children as they learn online, we need to help them manage their use of technology and how much time they are spending online. We need to help them find a healthy balance.  Visit the FCPS Media Balance and Well-being Toolkit page to learn more.

Tech Help for Parents and Students

FCPS Virtual Learning - Tech Tips YouTube Channel

Parent Help Website:  FCPS Parent and Student IT Support Portal (access self help documents or submit a tech assistance ticket)

Parent Helpline:  1-833-921-3277

FCPS Laptop Responsible Use Guidelines

Guidance on taking care of FCPS devices.

FCPS Student Device Guidelines

Proper Care and Cleaning of Laptops

Proper Care of Laptops:

  • the laptop is to be used as a learning tool for school only; the laptop is owned by FCPS
  • keep the laptop on a flat, hard surface when using; allow air to flow under the laptop so that it does not overheat
  • DO NOT have food or drinks around the laptop
  • DO NOT put stickers on the laptop
  • DO NOT pick at any of the stickers that are already on the laptop
  • repairs are done by the Tech Support team at Greenbriar East; DO NOT take the laptop to a repair center if it is broken; complete the ONLINE TECH HELP FORM on the Student Google Site for repairs
  • report a lost or stolen laptop immediately to the school
  • you can use a POST-IT note to cover the camera if you choose; DO NOT put tape on the camera
  • you can change the background on the laptop and rearrange icons
  • Need Tech Help: complete this form 


  • use a cleaning wipe or soft cloth to gently clean the laptop keyboard, top and bottom cover; do not directly spray cleaners on the laptop
  • use a soft cloth, lint free cloth to gently clean the screen; you can dampen the cloth to remove dirt and fingerprints but be careful not to press on the laptop screen too hard


  • plug headphones/earbuds in BEFORE turning on the computer
  • use a pair of headphones/earbuds that are comfortable and fit properly
  • if the headphones/earbuds have a microphone, know how to turn the microphone on/off
  • know how to adjust the volume 

Laptop Updates

  • updates ensure that the laptop is working properly
  • leave the laptop on for at least 30 minutes once a week and RESTART the computer
  • after updates have installed; shutdown the laptop if you are not going to be using it

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Student Links

Frequently Visited Student Web Resources

Parent Consent for Digital Resources

We need your consent for some of the important digital resources your child may access for classwork on their laptop.